Web-based companies that provide job analysis, job description, job evaluation

There are many web-based companies that provide job analysis, job description, job evaluation, performance management, and compensation structure tools and systems. Research and select a product that provides a compensation system or service and share the following information:

The name and URL of the company
The service or services provided
Their target customer/market
Cost information – if available
Your opinion on the product
For example, one product that you could use to manage your compensation and benefits needs is HR Soft – hrsoft.com. This is a comprehensive product that is used by large corporations. This software has functionality for managing a total compensation system, including the compensation and rewards components. This product is for very large companies that need self-service and global tools. Having watched the introductory video, I felt that the product was extremely comprehensive, providing tools, dashboards, and metrics to construct and manage a total compensation system. This product would likely be very intimidating for a small organization. Pricing is not readily available.

Sample Solution