Web programming

Review the “Introduction to R Programming With DataCamp” video and the other topic resources. Answer the R programming question related to the video and topic resources (750 words minimum).

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of R programming language in the health care industry.
Discuss applications of R for data analysis and visualization.
Discuss three R statements used for decision making. Include three corresponding example statements.
Describe two data visualization options in R programming language. Provide an example of a health care data application for each of the visualization options selected (for example, histogram).
What is the purpose of the Microsoft Visual Studio? List the commands used to create a new R project in Visual Studio. What is your impression of the ease of use for this tool?
Learners may gain additional practice in R by viewing the Microsoft Visual Studio website. There you will be able to practice using the Microsoft Visual Studio by using the interactive tool that allows you to create a new R project.

Sample Solution