Website analysis

Description of the websites evaluated
Describe the websites that were evaluated as a part of this project. Who developed the website(s), and what is the purpose of this website? Please include screen shots of the website(s) being evaluated.

Typical Users
What would be the typical users for each of these websites? Address their age, computing experience, computing environment, and education level.

Logistics of the Usability Testing
Describe the date(s) and time(s) of the usability testing on each website. What computer platform and browser were used?

Qualitative Metrics for Website Evaluation
Using Schneiderman’s 8 Golden Rules of Interface Design, evaluate each website using the following question:
Does the website:

  1. Strive for consistency
  2. Cater to universal usability
  3. Offer informative feedback
  4. Design dialogs to yield closure
  5. Prevent errors
  6. Permit easy reversal of actions
  7. Support internal locus of control
  8. Reduce short-term memory load

Each answer needs to be detailed and should include screenshots to illustrate your point. If you use any additional sources, you MUST reference them in your document.

Usability Problems Noted
What problems did you discover? What suggestions do you have to improve each of these problems? You MUST include screen shots of existing problems, and you MUST wireframe sketches of possible improvements. Each website should have 3 suggested improvements.

Organize and rank all of your suggested changes by: importance and time to fix. Given that the developers have a limited amount of time, which fixes should be made? Justify your answers.

What did you learn?
Address what you learned about the process of comparative web usability testing. What was surprising to you

Sample Solution