Website Design Project


In this project, you need to have 6 different main parts for your topic. You can choose one of your topic from the lists in the Materials. You need to design these main parts and name them yourself and write about it. Each part requires 1-page paper. Each paper needs to have information, links, discussions, picture and even some phone numbers.

Website Design Project (Project 1)
For MIS 395 course project, students work individually to develop information portal sites (or web portals) using the Google Sites platform ( ) to synthesize information for a certain domain or area. The focus is on managing the contents of the web portal rather than web programming.

An information portal site, or web portal, refer to a specially-designed website that brings information together from diverse sources in a uniform way (Wikipedia). These include personal portals, government portals, cultural portals (such as ), corporate portals, and many other domain-specific portals (such as real estate portals) that cover specific areas. Particularly, the domain-specific portals offer access to related companies and services in the domain or area; an example is a property portal that gives access to services such as estate agents, removal firm, and solicitors that offer conveyancing. For more information of the various portals, visit .

The aim of this project is to develop a domain-specific portal for information related to the Springfield, IL area (or the city where you live in).
Theme of the website
The information portal site for this project will be Springfield, IL USA. It can be a portal of local businesses, stores (e.g., where to shop), restaurants (e.g., where to eat), people, facilities, parks and resorts, communities, history, or culture, etc. Choose one from the above list and collect and organize information based on the domain.

Some examples Google Sites information are listed here:

Some students project web information are here:

Sample Solution