Western History in the 1600

You may choose any non-fiction history book covering a topic from Western History up to 1600 to review, the more academic in nature, the easier it will be to review. The more familiar you are with the topic will also assist you in your review. Remember you can go through the Trexler Library and read book reviews of your book to gain insights into where you book is amongst the published works on your topic. You may quote freely from your book, but not from any other sources. You must list the pages where the quotes come from and of course place them in quotes. Plagiarism will result in a zero for this assignment. Your book reviews must cover the following SIX areas. Addressing each of these areas will assist you in being more critical of the works you examine. You will need to provide the title of the work as a citation using Chicago Manual of Style Citation system (no MLA, please). You can Google for citation examples. The examples provided will show a “methods” category that you are to skip and instead complete the Overall Impression section. Precis by nature are short you may not exceed one page! Doing so will result in the loss of 10 points.
Thesis: What is the author’s main argument? What point is the author trying to prove? You may have to hunt for this main idea it is not always evident. Quote the sentence in your review using proper notation! 10 points
Sources: Where is the author drawing his information from? Are these sources credible? 5 points
Methods: Skip this section this is in the examples only.
Strengths: Was the author’s argument solid? Was the work well written? Was the style of writing conducive to the subject the author choose to write upon? Was the work well supported by academic notation? What types of references are used? For example are they primary or secondary works? Does the author provide a bibliography, an index, an annotated bibliography, or a glossary of terms, etc.? 10 points
Weaknesses: Does the author cover the topic or is there an area (or areas?) left unexplained? After examining the sources are they appropriate for the area being researched? Is the work well organized? How would you improve the work? 10 points






Sample Solution