“What About Bob” Movie Analysis

Write a 3-4 page, Typed, Double Spaced response paper responding to one of the following.
A) Compare and Contrast the two major characters in this movie describing their different personality traits (Bill Murray as Bob Wiley and Richard Dreyfuss as Dr. Marvin). Look at Dr. Marvin’s professionalism or lack there of and any ethical and confidentiality issues and responsibilities observed in the movie. Include in your paper the different theories and theoretical perspectives learned and observed throughout the movie and apply them in your psychological analysis. Also include some therapeutic techniques observed throughout the movie. (please include academic support) to increase clarity to your paper.
B) Examine how the two major characters change in the movie (Bill Murray as Bob Wiley and Richard Dreyfuss as Dr. Marvin). Examine cause and effects using theories, behaviors, personality, role changes, and any other psychological constructs observed throughout the movie to include in your paper. Include in your paper your psychological evaluation and observation of Bob and what you felt he truly needed and why?








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