What women want

Watch the film, What Women Want in class. As you watch the film,
take notes on any connections that you find between the plot, overall themes,
and specific scenes in the movie and the material that we’ve covered in
Units 1 and 2. Questions are provided for your consideration, but are not
required to be answered. Finally, write a 3-5 page paper highlighting four (4)
Questions to consider

  1. Does Darcy “act like a man” to establish dominance, or does she employ traditionally
    feminine verbal and nonverbal communication stereotypes? Or both?
  2. When Nick is thinking about the products in their homework kit, is he perceiving them
    from the woman’s or man’s perspective? How does shifting that perspective make him
    more effective in his job?
  3. How are the motivations or goals for speaking and listening enacted by the characters?
  4. What artifacts are used to enact or illustrate gender norms?
  5. How do Nick’s listening and communication habits exhibit power?
  6. How are the dimensions of nonverbal communication challenged or supported?
  7. How does Nick employ code-switching between his roles?
  8. How do the women in Nick’s life use nonverbals to cope with their issues with him? How
    are these nonverbals used to reinforce or negate their verbal messages?

Sample Solution