Who are you?(social psychology)

Who are you? How did you come to be the person you call “myself”? Specifically, what factors and experiences contributed to form the person you are today.(200words)

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When I introspect and examine who I am, I find myself having trouble defining myself. I am a constantly-changing human and I am always questioning my identity and portrayal just like others. One of the biggest factors that shaped me to be who I am was growing up with immigrant parents from South Korea who did not know much about the culture in our society. I became more independent and questioned myself a lot more, but that questioning led me to be more aware of myself and the way I conducted myself. As a result, I scrutinized how I fit into society just like everyone else. My attempt to navigate this unfamiliar world of possibilities was so important in molding who I am because it often felt like I did not have all the knowledge about mannerisms and activities like everyone else. This unfamiliarity has always been around and there are gaps in my knowledge, but it has forced me to be more observant and conscious about my actions. Growing up in a primarily white neighborhood, there was a huge aspect of finding my identity being an Asian where there was little diversity. This was a huge factor in both my all the four aspects of self. It has made a huge impact in my identity and built the person I am today. My parents had a big impact on my self-esteem and self-knowledge because as I grew up, they were honest and helpful in giving feedback about my actions. They would tell me their perspective of my actions and made sure I considered the actions I did before I did them. Growing up in a selfless household full of sacrifice and hard work, it has only pushed me to be aware of what I am doing. My family and my environment had a huge impact on my awareness and I believe I am a more conscious person as a result.

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