Whole Foods

Competitive Analysis Competitive advantages can be built on a variety of factors, but those that are sustainable are typically built on some distinctive competence possessed by a firm and which are difficult for others to copy, or some first-mover advantage that cannot again be replicated. Among the issues we will discuss are the multiple sources of sustainable advantages — those that are highly tangible and those that are less so — and the risks inherent in entering business that may not offer the same advantages. Case: 1. 2. 3. 4. Whole Foods What are ‘natural foods’? Is ‘natural foods’ a good business definition? What opportunities do natural foods offer producers, distributors, retailers? What is Whole Food’s Strategy? How has it adapted over time? What challenges does Whole Foods face in 2006? What would you advise CEO John Mackey to do to sustain Whole Foods’ lead?

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