Wireless and Mobile Security Plan

Our networks are becoming more vulnerable because of wireless and mobile computing. Ubiquitous devices can and do pose a significant vulnerability. In this activity, you are to think outside the box and determine how to best defend against these threats.
Scenario – You are an Information Security engineer for a midsized company. The company would like to offer direct sales of its “WigIT- app to its consumers on the World Wide Web. Your manager has asked you to prepare an informational paper for the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) on wireless and mobile risk management.

1- What risks do you envision and how will you mitigate them?

2- Take into account the value of the asset(s) and data as well as the threats and vulnerabilities.

3- Prioritize these risks from greatest threat to least threat and include this analysis as an appendix to your paper.

4- Diagram your network and include that diagram as an appendix to your paper.




























Sample Solution