Respond to: Discuss the evidence for and against the idea that living humans can contact and interact with nonphysical spirits.

One source provided:

Chapter 6&7: Michael Winkelman & John R. Baker, Supernatural As Natural: A Biocultural Approach to Religion. ISBN: 9780131893030

Grading Rubric for Discussions:

  1. Does the student demonstrate that he or she has properly understood the nature of the topic or question? Students need to demonstrate that they understand what is being asked.
  2. Does the student provide a clear argument about the topic? Students need to provide clear reasons why they are taking a particular position on a topic.
  3. Does the student provide relevant examples from all assigned sources, including readings and videos? All assigned readings and videos should be mentioned in the discussion post.
  4. Does the student use proper spelling and grammar? Proper spelling and grammar are required for all discussion posts.
  5. Does the student avoid plagiarism and use proper APA Citation Style? Students need to avoid plagiarism, and use proper APA Style citations in the text of their postings, and in their list of References.

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