Woman of significance to the Women’s movement

Choose Margaret Chase Smith, Shirley Chisholm, Pat Schroeder, Elizabeth Dole, Carol Moseley Braun or Hillary Clinton or any other woman of significance to the Women’s movement, and write a paper that addresses the following elements:
brief bio of woman chosen when she ran for president (for HRC choose either 2008 or 2016). Why did she run for president?
Based on the Gail Collins’ book, When Everything Changed, what were some of the obstacles facing your candidate based on backlashes against women? Did she directly confront any of the obstacles and if so, how?
If you were this candidate’s campaign manager, how would you advise her to overcome some of the obstacles that she faced? Based on your advise, write an imaginary debate scenario where you have the candidate using your advise. In your opinion, when will we elect a woman president?

Sample Solution