Women Right

(1) provide some background regarding the scenario you have chosen so that I know what it is about, and then,
(2) consider and explain how women instead of men are involved with your specific resource, and how they relate to the resource directly:
For example: In a study of urban forestry/arboriculture professionals in the United States, it was found that love of trees and plants was most often listed as the reason for women and minorities entering the profession, followed closely by love of the outdoors. This order was reversed for white males who cited income and employment potential and the top reasons for entering the profession;
(3) Briefly describe the cultural, societal, political environment that enhances or impedes gender-equity for the management and use of the resource; (4) Briefly describe how women’s needs often differ from those of men regarding the harvesting, processing, production, care of a specific resource, (5) Briefly discuss whether there is equal or unequal access to information, training, technology, education and research (e.g. how this takes place),
(6) as part of the content you should state specifically your suggestions for improvement, and how those improvements might be implemented. If no improvement is necessary, then you should state your case clearly. If changes have already occurred to reflect gender-equity, what is society doing to accommodate those changes, and make them work to our/their advantage?





Sample Solution