Working with diverse family


Children’s Art

At your workplace, practicum, or other place in your community have at least five preschool (ages 3-5) or school age children (6-12) draw pictures of their families and tell you about what they are drawing. Try to select a diverse group of children. In a summary of this activity for each child, record the setting in which they were drawn (whether the children were in their own home or school), what they drew first, and what they said. First names of children only, please. Share what you learned about their families. How does this fit with what you learned in the chapter? Also include a general summary of what you learned by doing this assignment. Use the Children’s Art Rubric to complete this assignment. This assignment is worth 25 points and meets the following course outcome: Analyze diverse family systems When completed, please submit this in the Children’s Art Assignment dropbox.

Sample Solution