Workplace motivation and attitudes

Looking at the historical and scientific tradition of I/O psychology in the first half of the 20th Century, share your understanding of motivation as an underpinning to psychological development. What role does the conscious and subconscious play in goal attainment? Describe the function of attitude in regards to work performance. How has data-driven theory building added to the development of the scientific bases of workplace motivation? Be sure to support your explanations with references to the research.

Next, using the Library or your current (or previous) textbooks, explain the field of I/O Psychology in regards to its seven primary areas of research. Which primary research areas are related to Industrial and which primary areas are related to Organizational? Explain which psychological theory about workplace motivation and attitudes most interests you. Briefly describe the theory (e.g., is it descriptive/empirical, qualitative/quantitative and field/laboratory), and evaluate how the theory you have selected influences or impacts the knowledge on workplace motivation. Describe the skills needed for your future work as an I/O Psychologist.

Include references also from: Latham, G. P. Work Motivation: History, Theory, Research, and Practice.

Sample Solution