World Dance Teamwork Research Investigation: TANGO

o What is your dance and where is it from? Provide a brief overview of your dance and a video at the beginning so the reader can see the dance before you provide more supporting research.
o Origination of the dance. How did this dance come about? Was there a main contributor to its development? When did it originate? Is it associated with a holiday or religious celebration?
o Meaning of the dance. Does this dance present a historical record of the country of origin? Does it tell a specific storyline? Is the dance honoring a person or deity? Is it used in ritual or ceremony? How is this dance used? You could choose to describe a few specific movements or make a video clip of the movements.
o Provide an overview of the country and/or culture. What are the politics, religion, native language, history, economy, etc.?
o Provide 3 facts of importance about this country or region (celebratory holidays, historical figures, heroes, cultural events, etc.)
o What costumes are traditional worn? What do they look like? Is there any significance behind the style or color? Any use of props or special footwear? Why?
o Where is the dance traditionally performed? Where can we see it today?
o Who are famous dancers of this art form? Can anyone learn and perform this dance? Where do you learn this dance? Are there any restrictions like gender or age?
o What music accompanies this dance? Are there any traditional instruments used?

Sample Solution