World Religions: Catholic and Protestant

Pick two divisions in one religion (i.e. Methodists and Baptists/Twlevers and Seveners) and explain how their history and contexts create the differences in the tradition. Alternatively pick the same tradition (Methodists in Kansas vs. Methodists in Texas/Sunnis in Chicago vs. Sunnis in Saudi Arabia) and discuss how the context changes their tradition. A large part of this topic will be proving that the differences occur.
Religion 2.1 Theory
The Byzantine Empire (a Christian Empire) believed that Islam was another Christian denomination. Could this be true? Did Islam split from Christianity and Judaism? If so, why is it a reform religion? What factors led to this? If not, is it something else? Did it reform from another religion? How/why is it something else?
Isa (or Jesus in Islam) Paper
Examine the role of Jesus in Islam. You can focus specifically on the Qur’an or look at his role in later traditions. Are there any differences to Jesus in the Bible to Jesus in the Qur’an (if there are you need to clearly cite them…don’t just say the Bible says this or that)? Are there differences in the tradition of Jesus in Christianity to the tradition in Islam? What are the similarities?
Atheism/Secularism/Agnostic Question:
Does A/S/Ag come from Christianity? Is it a natural progression from the Protestant split from the Catholic Church? Is it a religion or another denomination of Christianity? Are the Neo-Atheist arguments against Christianity similar to denominations accusing one another of not being valid (No True Scotsman Fallacy)?
Conversion Question:
Why do religions convert? Does this make them more violent (Christianity and Islam)? And specifically why do Jews not actively convert? Does this make them less violent? Or is this leading to their extinction or their policies of defense in Israel?
Catholic and Protestant:
What are the basic similarities of Catholics and Protestants? Why are they different? How are they similar? Alternatively, you can also ask why there has been a long history of anti-Catholicism in Protestantism? Why do some Protestants believe that Catholics are not Christians? Don’t put any “value” judgments on which one is right or wrong.

Sample Solution