Writing a program

Did you know that there are over 500 types of bananas in the world? Did you also know that bananas are an excellent source of potassium, fiber, and vitamin B-6 as well as serve as a powerful antioxidant? However, most people might not be aware of the prolific amount of banana consuming possibilities that are available to them. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we have a program that would randomly recommend a type of banana for someone to eat every day as part of a complete and balanced breakfast. However, say you don’t like bananas and would prefer apples (over 2000 varieties) or kiwi fruit (50 types).

You are to build a program that does just that. Your task is to build a program that randomly recommends a different kind of one type of fruit each day. The user should be able to pick from a menu of at least three different kinds of fruit (banana is a required selection). The program should also randomly select a new fruit variant for all 30 days of a month. For example, I should be able to choose between: banana, apple, and kiwi. I will select kiwi. It will then produce a randomly selected list of 30 different types of kiwi and present them in a list. If I run the program again and select kiwi, then it will return a new list of kiwi.

Sample Solution