Reflective Teaching Report (Target length 1,000 words) Your written report should include the following: a) A lesson plan b) Explanation of the chosen theory (what and why) with references c) Explanation of the applied pedagogical procedure (What, how and why) with references d) Reflective discussion including explanation of students’ interaction in classroom e) Evaluation of the lesson *lesson plan is attached, no need for point a b*beggining with definition of reading skill there are many theories and assumptions have been made about L2 reading. this lesson will deliver: Schemata theory ‘ you can use the Anderson and Pearson schema theoritic view (Hudson, 2011)”, sociocultural theory (or constructivisim.. also not sure) and iteractive theory (bottom up with top down) c*then, there are various of pedagogical prosedures conducted regarding teaching L2 reading. the lesson utilizes the pedagogies : activating the prior knowladge, skimmimg, scanning d*students’ reaction: they interact with the lesson, the enjoyed the class, they were motivated, they participate effectivly, the fullfill the tasks, the teacher did not struggle with classroom managment. e* instructor’s evaluation of the lesson lot’s of pre-reading activities warmup, vocabulary review, video the warm-up game would be related to the vocabulary of the lesson to add unity to the lesson before playing the video it would be better to ask questions to let them focus on what the teacher wants them to pay attention to the teacher did well with asking questions to elicit answers from the students the teacher did well with producing some vocab like (independent) but with other vocabularies the teacher gave a lot of illustrations without letting students to participate TTT more than STT the explicit instructions was very good however, the students needed a model or example to skimming and scanning activity. the post reading stage, was examining the vocabulary comprehinision which is not suitable in reading lesson. teacher gave a enough time for all the stages exept for the post reading stage, the post reading strategy (vocab quiz) was good but not in the right time to be in the post reading **the main issue teacher spend more time on prereading stage, they need to save time for the actual reading stage.

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