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Your boss, the national sales manager, insists that all company sales reps continue to carry full-size laptop
computers for making presentations to clients and to manage files and communication tasks. In addition to
your laptops, you and your colleagues have to carry a bulky printed catalog and a variety of product samples —
up and down stairs, on and off airplanes, and in and out of your cars. You are desperate to lighten the load for
the sales representatives and you think switching from laptops to tablets would help. Refer the Chapter called
Planning Reports and Proposals (Ch 14). Also refer to the link here showing an example of an internal
Example of an internal proposalPreview the document
Your Task:
Write an informal (internal) proposal, suggesting that the company equip its traveling salespeople with tablets
instead of laptops. Making up any information you need, address three questions you know your boss will
Can sales reps type at an adequate speed on tablets, without a conventional keyboard?
Can sales reps make informal “table top” presentations on tablets, the way they can on their laptops?
(Currently, sales reps can sit at a conference room table and give a PowerPoint or presentation to two or three
people, without the need for a projector screen.)
Do tablets have a sufficient selection of business software, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint?
You do not need to do a Cost Analysis, but you should cover the other areas as shown on the sample.
Business Communications Today—14
th Ed (2017)
ISBN: 9780134562186

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