Your experience writing essays

Reflect on your experience writing essays this semester. Your first essay detailed some of your past experiences with reading and writing – in what ways have you

changed since then? What goals do you have for your next rhetoric course?

As you begin your drafting of the letter, consider structure of the letter itself. How will you organize the letter? One approach might be to begin with an overall

comment on your growth as a writer and then have a paragraph dedicated to each major essay. Another approach might have introduce three particularly rich examples of

revision choices and discuss each.

In your revision, look for cohesiveness in the letter. Can your readers get a sense of your overall development as a writer? Do you demonstrate that you are able to

reflect on the choices you made, providing specific examples to help readers see your process unfold?

And, as always, this essay should be clear, organized, interesting, and well-edited.

Sample Solution