Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. analysis assignment-
. You will be required to write a report about Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. Read the company’s latest 10-K report, current news and look for other source material. www.nasdaq.com.

The following items should be discussed in the paper (but are not limited to these):
Company History
(What do they do, where do they do it, how long have they done it? Etc….) How does this impact their financial decisions? Do they just protect their assets or aggressive growth?

Balance Sheet:
Sources and uses of cash, look for trends and irregularities (Explain why). What does their leverage look like? Working capital position? What is your assessment of the company such as strengths and weaknesses

Income Statement:
Did they make money? If they lost money how did they fund it and if they made money how did they use it? Identify trends and irregularities from year to year.

Statement of Cash flows:
Did they have enough cash to cover their obligations? What were the major changes in the cash flow statement?

Reminder: Analyze the company’s financial statements using the following techniques in each section above: Vertical, Horizontal, Leverage, Growth Rates, Profitability, Liquidity, Cash flow.

Do you think this company is well managed? Is the company in trouble? How are they positioned in the market?

Recent events:
What is happening in the economy that would impact this company

If you were the Financial Manager or CFO of this company what changes or recommendations would you give the CEO?
Current stock price:
Do you think this price is high or low for this company?
Would you buy this company’s stock?

Sample Answer

Sample Answer


Analysis of Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.

Company History

Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. is a global engineering and construction company that provides consulting, technical, scientific, and project delivery services. With operations in various sectors including infrastructure, industrial, and environmental, Jacobs has been in business for over 70 years. The company’s diversified portfolio and extensive experience impact its financial decisions by providing a strong foundation for both asset protection and aggressive growth strategies.

Balance Sheet Analysis

– Sources and Uses of Cash: Analyzing the balance sheet reveals consistent cash flow from operating activities, indicating the company’s ability to generate revenue efficiently.

– Leverage: Jacobs maintains a moderate level of leverage, with manageable debt levels that support its growth initiatives without posing significant financial risk.

– Working Capital Position: The company maintains a healthy working capital position, ensuring its ability to meet short-term obligations and fund operational needs.

– Assessment: Jacobs’ strengths lie in its stable cash flow generation, diversified revenue streams, and strategic investments in growth areas. Weaknesses may include potential exposure to economic downturns in certain sectors and the need for continued cost management efforts.

Income Statement Analysis

– Profitability: Jacobs has demonstrated consistent profitability over the years, with margins reflecting operational efficiency and effective cost management strategies.

– Trends and Irregularities: Trends in revenue growth and operating income show steady performance, while irregularities may be observed in non-recurring expenses impacting net income in certain periods.

Statement of Cash Flows Analysis

– Cash Coverage: The company shows sufficient cash flow to cover its obligations, with a focus on maintaining liquidity and financial flexibility.

– Major Changes: Significant changes in cash flow statements may include fluctuations in investing activities related to acquisitions or divestitures, as well as variations in financing activities impacting capital structure.


Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. appears to be well managed, with a strong market position and strategic focus on sustainable growth. The company’s financial health and operational efficiency position it favorably in the market, despite potential challenges in specific industries. Continued emphasis on diversification, innovation, and cost optimization can further strengthen its competitive edge.

Recent Events

Recent economic trends impacting Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. include infrastructure investments, technological advancements in the engineering sector, and global market volatility. These factors may influence the company’s project pipeline, revenue streams, and strategic decision-making processes.


As the Financial Manager or CFO of Jacobs Engineering Group Inc., I would recommend the following changes or initiatives to the CEO:

1. Enhance Operational Efficiency: Implement cost-saving measures and process improvements to optimize operational performance.

2. Diversify Revenue Streams: Explore new markets and sectors to reduce reliance on specific industries and enhance revenue stability.

3. Strategic Investments: Identify opportunities for strategic acquisitions or partnerships that align with the company’s long-term growth objectives.

4. Risk Management: Develop robust risk mitigation strategies to address potential economic uncertainties and sector-specific challenges.

Stock Analysis

– Current Stock Price: Evaluate the current stock price relative to the company’s financial performance, growth prospects, and industry trends to determine if it is appropriately valued.

– Buy Recommendation: Consider factors such as market conditions, competitive position, and future outlook to assess the potential for buying Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. stock.

In conclusion, Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. exhibits strong fundamentals, consistent performance, and strategic positioning in the market. By focusing on operational efficiency, diversification, and prudent financial management, the company can navigate economic challenges and capitalize on growth opportunities effectively.




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