Body Biography

Use any and all materials at your disposal to create a thoughtful considered biographical body self portrait. This artwork will be dymanic, visually interesting, and help the audience to understand how you see yourself through a focus on your vision of who you are; physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritually, etc.

You are to choose what you reveal and do not. You are to choose how to approach constructing the artwork as long as your consider AND employ all the design principles listed above. The work should be thoughtful, honest, courageous, visually interesting and innovative.

Additional demonstrations, instructions or guidelines may be presented in or assigned in class to assist you with the process, production or completion of this project.


  1. This will be your last art project, so I want you to spend time on this?
  2. Make a list of 5-10 Qualities for Each of the following areas that represent how you perceive/understand yourself:


mental (physio-biological)




  1. Make a Powerpoint of your project. Photograph different sections and important ideas and explain your thoughts and concepts.

Sample Solution