E.Coli bacterial identification

Write the abstract of your assigned bacteria (250-300 words); in this section, summarize the bacterium’s Gram reaction, shape and arrangement, biochemical results in words/ sign (+/-), and the name of your unknown bacterium. 2. Introduction 1-1.5 page (in this section can include the bacterial significance, for example, morphology, habitats, selective and differential media used, confirmatory used you have used during the identification of the bacterium. 3. Material and methods 1-2 page ( include the objective of the test with the results in words; for example, Gelatin deep was used to establish the ability of an organism to produce gelatinase, an extracellular enzyme secreted by some microorganisms to hydrolyze gelatin which caused the media to liquefy even after getting chilled. After 24 hours, the gelatin media was checked to see if it is solidified or liquefy; the unknown bacterium showed solidification in the gelatin deep; thus, no gelatinase absent. 4. If you fail to submit this assignment on time, you may get the opportunity to submit later. However, you will receive 50% credit for this part.

Sample Solution