Epidemiology Reflection

Step 1: First watch & read the following
 https://www.ted.com/talks/larry_brilliant_wants_to_stop_pandemics
 https://sitn.hms.harvard.edu/flash/special-edition-on-infectious-disease/2014/the-fight-over-inoculation-during-the-1721-boston-smallpox-epidemic/
Step 2: Write a reflection paper per the directions below:

  1. Summary
    1) Give a two paragraph summary of the TED talk & article in your own words
  2. Discussion
    1) What are some similarities between the TED talk & article?
    2) What did you learn from the TED talk & article?
    3) Briefly discuss 3 epidemiology “knowledge topics” the TED talk & article uses that we have learned or talked about in class
    a. Ex: The article discusses the smallpox epidemic which means __
  3. Career Outlook
    1) Discuss how you can apply what you have learned in this class
    a. To be a resource to your family/immediate community
    b. To find two jobs/internships opportunities that USE or APPLY epidemiology methods
    a. What are some epi skills you would use in this job?
    b. If you were to apply AND get that job, briefly discuss how confident you would feel in doing your job

Sample Solution