Write an operational reccomendation paper in response to these concerns based on a previously done SWOT analysis:
Biggest opportunity for BudLight: Regaining alienated core customers that were lost from their sponsorship of Dylan Mulvaney Instagram post.

Biggest threat for BigLight: Mexican Lager took market share
An operatoinal reccomendation is the first few steps or course of action to implement based on concerns or opportunitys for the company. The company chosen was BUDLIGHT.



Sample Answer

Sample Answer


Operational Recommendation: Regaining Alienated Core Customers


Regaining alienated core customers is a critical opportunity for BudLight to restore its brand image and strengthen customer loyalty. The recent controversy surrounding the sponsorship of Dylan Mulvaney’s Instagram post has caused a significant loss of trust among BudLight’s core customers. This operational recommendation aims to outline steps that BudLight can take to address this concern and reconnect with its alienated core customers.

Step 1: Apologize and Acknowledge Mistakes

BudLight should issue a sincere and public apology to its core customers for any offense caused by the sponsorship of the controversial Instagram post. The apology should be genuine, demonstrating empathy and understanding towards the concerns raised by its customers. By acknowledging the mistake, BudLight shows its commitment to rectifying the situation and rebuilding trust.

Step 2: Transparent Communication

Open and transparent communication is crucial in regaining the trust of alienated core customers. BudLight should provide a detailed explanation of the incident and the steps taken to ensure it does not happen again. This can be done through various channels, including social media platforms, press releases, and direct communication with key influencers or opinion leaders. Transparency will help rebuild trust and demonstrate BudLight’s commitment to addressing customer concerns.

Step 3: Engage in Dialogue

To reconnect with alienated core customers, BudLight should actively engage in dialogue with them. This can be achieved through online platforms, such as social media channels or dedicated customer forums. By listening to customer feedback, concerns, and suggestions, BudLight can demonstrate its commitment to understanding and addressing their needs. Engaging in dialogue will also provide an opportunity for BudLight to showcase any changes or improvements made as a result of customer input.

Step 4: Reinforce Brand Values

BudLight should reinforce its brand values to remind customers of what the brand stands for. This can be done through targeted marketing campaigns that emphasize BudLight’s commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and responsible consumption. By aligning its messaging with its core customers’ values, BudLight can create a stronger emotional connection and rebuild loyalty.

Step 5: Offer Incentives and Special Promotions

To incentivize core customers to give BudLight another chance, the company should consider offering special promotions or exclusive discounts. These incentives can be targeted specifically at alienated core customers and communicated through various channels. By offering tangible benefits, BudLight can demonstrate its commitment to rebuilding relationships and encourage customers to reconsider their negative perceptions.


Regaining alienated core customers is a crucial opportunity for BudLight to restore its brand loyalty and strengthen its market position. By following these operational recommendations, BudLight can address the concerns raised by the controversial sponsorship of Dylan Mulvaney’s Instagram post. Through sincere apologies, transparent communication, active dialogue, reinforcement of brand values, and offering incentives, BudLight can rebuild trust and reconnect with its alienated core customers.

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