Pathogenesis Writing Activity

Here are a few clarifying instructions related to the assignment:
1-The organism you use to write the molecular mechanism is Staphylococcus aureus. Remember that we went over an example of a molecular mechanism in class (we talked about the actions of the proteins, the genes involved, the final phenotype and so on). Point is, a mechanism has a flow to it with specified functions for each protein, so do not simply write a plethora of protein names without telling me why they’re important. If the mechanism you found does not outline those, simply pick another one.
2-You have to use scientific peer-reviewed sources for this assignment (journal articles, review articles and/or a
3-You’ll turn in the assignment through Turnitin located on Canvas.
Reference list formatting:
Alexander, J. M. 1970. The Occurrence of Starches in Plants. Martin Press, New York. 486 pp.
Book chapter:
Alexander, J. M. 1972. The occurrence of starches in higher plants. In: R. R. Jordon and M. M. Taylor (eds.),
Carbohydrate Reserves. Martin Press, New York. 276 pp.
Journal articles:
Alexander, J. M. 1968. Occurrence of starches in bryophytes. Bot. Gaz. 127: 176-199.
Alexander, J. M., B. J. Martin, and T. R. Smith. 1969. The occurrence of starches in ferns. Am.J. Bot. 47: 9-18.

Sample Solution