Recombinant protein production

Introduction: Clearly state the purpose/rationale for the study. Identify and explain relevant subject matter*to provide sufficient background for the reader to understand the project, including the major biological principles being examined. Define the significance/need for the analysis and any specific research questions/goals your experiments will address. Provide rationale (reason/justification) for any hypotheses and the experimental model/overall approach utilized, relating them to pertinent observations or information that is already known. State the anticipated results given your hypotheses and discuss the rationale for expecting this outcome. Your goal is to clearly and concisely write this information in1.5-2pages double-spaced,& in 11 or 12 point font as a word doc. .Take a look at the example methods-style primary research article provided to see examples of information and flow of information typical of an introduction for this type of report. You will need to cite extensively in this section.

Sample Solution