Now that you have reviewed all of the material over these last 8 weeks and finished the course, please consider the following. During Module 1, we discussed obesity as a personal problem and a social problem. Since then, you have explored many of the factors that have led to this epidemic on both the individual and social level. You have also had the opportunity to keep a Food Journal throughout the course to analyze your own eating habits. Based on the information you have learned in the course and after examining the data in your Food Journal, please respond to the following questions.

Do you still agree or disagree with your initial thoughts on obesity as a personal problem and a social problem?
How has your opinion changed?
If it hasn’t changed, do you now have greater insight? Explain
What did you learn that influenced your perspective?
When looking back on your Food Journal, what did you learn in the course that will most affect your eating habits?
Have you made, or are you planning, any changes in your eating or exercise habits based on what you have learned in this course?
Identify 2 key takeaways you could share with your family


Sample Answer

Sample Answer


Reflecting on Obesity as a Personal and Social Problem

Having completed the course and thoroughly examined the factors contributing to the obesity epidemic at both the individual and societal levels, my perspective on obesity as a personal problem versus a social problem has evolved. Here are my responses to the questions posed:

Initial Thoughts vs. Evolved Perspective:

Initially, I viewed obesity primarily as a personal problem, believing that individuals were solely responsible for their eating habits and physical activity levels. However, through the course material and self-reflection in the Food Journal, my opinion has shifted towards recognizing obesity as a complex interplay of personal choices and environmental influences.

Changes in Perspective and Greater Insight:

– My opinion has evolved to acknowledge that while personal choices regarding diet and exercise play a significant role in obesity, societal factors such as food accessibility, marketing, cultural norms, and socioeconomic disparities also exert a profound impact on individuals’ health outcomes.
– I now have a greater insight into how systemic issues like food deserts, misleading food labeling, and sedentary lifestyles contribute to the obesity crisis, emphasizing the need for collective action and policy interventions to address these root causes.

Influential Learnings from the Course:

– Learning about the impact of food marketing strategies, portion sizes, and hidden sugars in processed foods has heightened my awareness of how food choices are influenced by external factors beyond personal control.
– Understanding the importance of mindful eating, balanced nutrition, and regular physical activity has underscored the significance of holistic lifestyle changes in promoting long-term health and well-being.

Impact on Eating Habits and Future Changes:

– Reviewing my Food Journal data has highlighted patterns of emotional eating, reliance on convenience foods, and irregular meal timings that may contribute to overeating and poor nutrition.
– Based on what I have learned in the course, I am planning to make conscious efforts to incorporate more whole foods, practice portion control, prioritize meal planning, and engage in regular exercise to improve my overall health and prevent obesity.

Key Takeaways for Family:

1. Mindful Eating: Encouraging family members to practice mindful eating, paying attention to hunger cues, savoring food flavors, and avoiding distractions during meals can promote healthier eating habits and prevent overconsumption.
2. Physical Activity: Emphasizing the importance of regular physical activity for all family members, whether through group exercises, outdoor activities, or sports participation, can foster a culture of fitness and well-being within the family unit.

In conclusion, my journey through this course has deepened my understanding of obesity as a multifaceted issue encompassing personal choices and broader social influences. By integrating these insights into my lifestyle and sharing key takeaways with my family, I aim to cultivate healthier habits, promote wellness within my household, and contribute to a more informed approach towards tackling the obesity epidemic.

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