In an essay, discuss how the Five Principles of Humanity covered in class are brought forth in the movie Remember the Titans.
Give examples from the movie that relate to the principals and discuss how a solid understanding of this information can be a benefit to a young person living in the 21st Century.
A Brief Summary of the Five Principals of Being Human
1) We are holy and require relationship.
2) Strong, clear values and morals are critical in an ever-changing world.
3) We grow through relationships with others
4) We require the opportunity to make choices and accept responsibility for those choices.
5) Responsible choices require reflection and acceptance. We must accept a realistic view of ourselves and others and embrace our common humanity.
Note: This is an essay so it must have an introduction, body and conclusion.


Sample Answer

Sample Answer


Title: Remembering the Five Principles of Humanity: Lessons from Remember the Titans


The Five Principles of Humanity provide a framework for understanding our essential nature and guiding our interactions with others. In the movie “Remember the Titans,” these principles are vividly portrayed through the story of racial integration within a high school football team. This essay will explore how the Five Principles of Humanity are exemplified in the film, drawing upon specific examples to illustrate their relevance in today’s world. By examining how a solid understanding of these principles can benefit young people in the 21st century, we can glean valuable insights into fostering empathy, resilience, and personal growth.


1. We are holy and require relationship:

In “Remember the Titans,” the characters demonstrate the sacredness of human connection through their journey towards unity and understanding. Despite initial racial tensions, the players and coaches come to realize the importance of building relationships based on respect and empathy. For instance, the friendship that develops between Gerry Bertier and Julius Campbell transcends racial divides, highlighting the transformative power of genuine human connection.

2. Strong, clear values and morals are critical in an ever-changing world:

The film underscores the significance of upholding strong values and moral integrity in the face of adversity. Coach Boone’s unwavering commitment to equality and teamwork sets the tone for the team’s success and solidarity. His leadership exemplifies the importance of standing firm in one’s beliefs, even in a world fraught with challenges and uncertainties.

3. We grow through relationships with others:

Through their interactions on and off the football field, the characters in “Remember the Titans” undergo profound personal growth as a result of their relationships with one another. By learning to appreciate each other’s perspectives and backgrounds, they cultivate empathy, resilience, and a sense of shared humanity. This growth is reflected in their ability to overcome prejudice and work towards a common goal.

4. We require the opportunity to make choices and accept responsibility for those choices:

The theme of choice and accountability is prevalent throughout the movie, as characters grapple with decisions that have far-reaching consequences. From Coach Yoast’s ethical dilemma regarding play-calling to the players’ choices to confront their biases, “Remember the Titans” emphasizes the importance of taking ownership of one’s actions and their impact on others. This principle highlights the transformative potential of making responsible choices in both individual and collective contexts.

5. Responsible choices require reflection and acceptance:

The characters in “Remember the Titans” engage in introspection and self-discovery as they navigate challenges related to identity, prejudice, and teamwork. By reflecting on their beliefs and behaviors, they gain a deeper understanding of themselves and others, paving the way for reconciliation and personal growth. Embracing a realistic view of themselves and their peers allows them to transcend stereotypes and embrace their common humanity.


In conclusion, “Remember the Titans” serves as a powerful cinematic portrayal of the Five Principles of Humanity, illustrating how these timeless truths manifest in the context of sports, race relations, and personal transformation. By internalizing these principles and applying them to their own lives, young people in the 21st century can cultivate empathy, integrity, and resilience in navigating an increasingly diverse and interconnected world. Through fostering relationships, upholding values, embracing choice and responsibility, and engaging in reflective practice, individuals can embody the essence of what it means to be human and contribute positively to society.

This structured essay provides an in-depth analysis of how the Five Principles of Humanity are exemplified in “Remember the Titans,” offering concrete examples from the film and discussing their relevance for young people in the contemporary era.

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