The connection between GMO and the use of chemicals

My thesis statement is;
The connection between GMO and the use of chemicals poses a significant threat to the health of humans and
our environment.
Thesis: GMOs are toxic to our health and environment.
Essay #2 – Argument
College /English 1A
FALL 2020
Value: 200 points
Final draft
Your goal here is to persuade the reader based on the research you bring to the table. Present your argument

in a clear and concise way. I have decided to give you the freedom to choose your own argument for this
assignment. But, your topic needs to be approved by me. The essay must contain a clear thesis statement in
the introductory paragraph, paragraphs with topic sentences, and a conclusion that ties your argument
together. Organization is the key to this assignment. Classify your paragraphs. Support your thesis statement.
This is a formal essay and it requires you to have a complete understanding of the topic you are discussing.
You need to understand both sides of the argument. I encourage you to apply the brainstorming and editing
techniques we have practiced throughout the semester. Remember, this paper is to be written in the third
person. Refrain from using contractions, slang and nonstandard English.
Off limits topics are below:

  • Abortion -Sexual Orientation -Death Penalty -Immigration -Gun Control
    -Political Parties -Religion -Specific Politicians -#metoo -COVID 19 -Riots

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