Tripartite Man

Since the field of Biological Psychology presents a strong evolutionist view of man, it is very important that you
are also exposed to a biblical understanding of the nature of man. Therefore, this first forum will focus on the
differences between what secular science says and what the Bible says about the nature of man.
For this week’s discussion, please read the article on the Tripartite Man at this link
( and then answer the following question:
Throughout our class, you will notice a focus on the biological, genetic, and neurological aspects of human
development and human experience. We will spend much time in our class on the biological components of
behavior, with the human experience of many psychological & cognitive phenomena being reduced to their
biological foundations. While the biological components of behavior are very important, it is also important to
consider the spiritual components of the self as well.
For our Week 1 discussion, please read the article at the link above and discuss the following:
Describe the Tripartite (or Triune) Nature of Man described in the above article.
Discuss how the Tripartite Man approach differs from a strictly biological approach to understanding
Discuss how the Tripartite Man approach can inform your study of physiological psychology in our course

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