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Epidemiology, etiology and/or biology of lung cancer in never smokers Pallis AG, Syrigos KN. Lung cancer in never smokers: disease characteristics and risk factors. Crit Rev Oncol Hematol. 2013 Dec;88(3):494-503. doi:10.1016/j.critrevonc.2013.06.011. Review. PubMed PMID: 23921082.



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Cancer Review: Epidemiology, Etiology, and Biology of Lung Cancer in Never Smokers


Lung cancer is a leading cause of cancer-related mortality worldwide, with a significant portion of cases traditionally attributed to smoking. However, an emerging area of research focuses on lung cancer in never smokers, a subset of patients who have never smoked or been exposed to significant amounts of secondhand smoke. Understanding the epidemiology, etiology, and biology of lung cancer in never smokers is crucial for improving prevention, early detection, and treatment strategies for this specific population.

Literature Review

Pallis and Syrigos (2013) conducted a review on lung cancer in never smokers, highlighting disease characteristics and risk factors specific to this population. The study emphasized the importance of recognizing distinct features of lung cancer in never smokers, such as different histological subtypes and genetic mutations compared to smoking-related lung cancer cases. Additionally, environmental and occupational exposures, as well as genetic predispositions, were identified as potential risk factors for lung cancer in never smokers.

Gaps in Knowledge

Despite advancements in understanding lung cancer in never smokers, several gaps in knowledge persist. There is a need for further research to elucidate the exact mechanisms by which lung cancer develops in never smokers, including the role of environmental carcinogens, genetic susceptibility, and immune system interactions. Additionally, more comprehensive epidemiological studies are required to accurately assess the prevalence and incidence of lung cancer in never smokers across different populations.

Research Question

Research Question: What are the specific genetic mutations and environmental exposures that contribute to the development of lung cancer in never smokers?

Significance and Implications

By addressing the proposed research question, we can gain insights into the molecular pathways and external factors that drive lung cancer in never smokers. This knowledge can inform targeted screening programs, personalized treatment approaches, and preventive strategies tailored to individuals who have never smoked. Furthermore, understanding the distinct biology of lung cancer in never smokers may lead to the development of novel therapeutic interventions that could improve outcomes and quality of life for this patient population.

In conclusion, the epidemiology, etiology, and biology of lung cancer in never smokers represent a complex and understudied area within oncology. Through dedicated research efforts focused on filling existing knowledge gaps and answering critical research questions, we can advance our understanding of this unique form of lung cancer and work towards improving outcomes for affected individuals.

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