3 body paragraphs with this 3 topics:

Number of suicides have increased in the past years

Suicides have been a big problem in society for many years and is getting worse each year.
62% since 2007 to 2021 (include data)
The cause


Builds dangerous communites

Having dangerous communities around the world is affecting a lot of people since they are growing in dangerous environment.
Treatment, examples

Develops mental health issues

Developing mental health issues can build lots of stress and can led to major actions.
Discrimination gets in


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Sample Answer


The Escalating Issue of Suicides: A Growing Concern

The alarming increase in suicides over the past years has become a significant societal challenge that demands immediate attention. According to data, suicides have risen by a staggering 62% from 2007 to 2021, highlighting a disturbing trend that underscores the pressing need for intervention and support. The causes behind this rise in suicides are multifaceted, ranging from mental health struggles and social isolation to economic hardships and access to lethal means. Without effective measures in place to address the root causes of this crisis, the trajectory of escalating suicides is poised to continue unabated, posing a grave threat to individuals and communities alike.

Perilous Communities: A Breeding Ground for Violence

The proliferation of dangerous communities around the world has created a breeding ground for violence and insecurity, impacting countless individuals who are forced to navigate through hazardous environments on a daily basis. The treatment of such communities requires a multifaceted approach that addresses underlying social, economic, and structural factors contributing to their precarious nature. Examples of interventions may include community policing initiatives, investment in education and job opportunities, and fostering community partnerships to promote safety and well-being. By tackling the root causes of violence in these communities, we can work towards creating safer environments that foster resilience and empowerment among residents.

The Nexus of Mental Health Issues and Adverse Outcomes

The development of mental health issues can have far-reaching consequences, leading individuals down a path of stress, anxiety, and despair that may culminate in harmful actions such as self-harm or aggression. Discrimination, social stigma, and lack of access to mental health resources can exacerbate these challenges, further perpetuating cycles of violence and harm. Addressing mental health issues requires a comprehensive approach that promotes early intervention, destigmatization of mental health conditions, and equitable access to quality mental health services. By prioritizing mental health awareness and support, we can create a more compassionate and inclusive society that values the well-being of all individuals, thereby mitigating the adverse outcomes associated with untreated mental health conditions.


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