July 4, 2020

Effects of early modern global trade

Using historical evidence from the readings and videos assigned for this issue, answer the following in 2 well-developed paragraphs (about 400 words total): Compare the effects […]

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April 7, 2020

Improving trade

ic Hypothesis: if the multinational corporations continue to operateglobally, then the trade will improve. • In the first page, describe your topic and your thesis (using […]

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November 28, 2018

Reflection on international trade

  Search for an article discussing a current topic in international trade. The article can be from the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, The Economist, or […]

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October 25, 2018

‘Why Trade Matters” article questions

Please answer the following question based on the article “Why Trade Matters”. According to the report “Why Trade Matters”: Why is Trade so beneficial and important? […]

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October 11, 2018

Brand Industry

you need to know what consumers are going to want tomorrow! Here are 4 industries that are projected to be “Hot- for new business development. Startup […]

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October 5, 2018

Carry Trade

Look at interest rates around the world from Financial Times / Markets (the link is provided). https://markets.ft.com/data/bonds Use “market rates.” Given the available interest rates around […]

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